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Welcome to Robe de Princesse, the premium fashion brands retail site

Robe de Princesse is styling Singapore. The best place to buy clothes online, we offer a gorgeous range of clothes to suit any Princess.

We provide a Singapore based hub for online clothing in Southeast Asia, delivering exclusive designer brands like Wayne Cooper and Aly & Rachelle. We’re growing exponentially because our customers love our brilliant service, superb style and affordability. Look to buy online with the best.

Our passion focuses on designer brands that are brilliant, resplendent yet sophisticated, elegant and refined. We are devoted in delivering to you fashion forward trends and brands.

The vast catalogue of designs (from various seasonal offerings) and threads (from jackets to dresses and bodices) on offer ensures that there is always something for every occasion. From a simple girl’s night on the town, to formal dinner parties and everything in between, Robe de Princesse is confident of having the perfect outfit to clothe you in.

Robe de Princesse’s vast catalogue has a huge amount of designs that adapt timelessly to seasons, with threads that work amazingly from jackets to dresses to bodices. Shop clothes online for every event, whether something formal, a night out or a night in. We are confident that you’ll love our product range as much as we do.

Browse through our extensive online clothing catalogue and size guides and do not hesitate to drop us an email at Also, stay tuned to all our various catalogue updates, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Behind The Scenes - A Styling Journal From Robe de Princesse

EDIT provides styling tips and pointers from RDP. The journal covers and discusses about the latest, most current and fashion forward trends, clothes and accessories available on retail in the market today. It also reports and covers celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends.


Events Update

Check out this space for the latest business conferences, charity galas, fashion events, meet-ups for networking, private sales and pop-up stores. We also provide information on the latest art exhibitions, wining and dining places.


Cate Blanchett - Behind the Scenes (Vogue Australia 2014)

Cate Blanchett - Behind the Scenes (Vogue Australia 2014)

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